How Does CCTV Work?

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CCTV, or closed-circuit television, has been around since the beginning of James Bond. However, since the beginning of 007, CCTV has come a long way. What is the work of a modern CCTV system?

The solution is contingent on the system in question. The many types of cameras utilized determine the systems. Analog and IP-based cameras are the two most frequent types of cameras in use today.

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Analog camera CCTV systems have been around for a long time. In the field, they are still the most prevalent form of camera. Analog systems consist of a camera or group of cameras connected to a recording device and a set of monitors by a specialized network of wires. On-site video is recorded and saved.

IP-based cameras perform the same functions as analog cameras, but with a slew of additional features. IP cameras often provide higher-resolution images and more flexibility, allowing users to e-mail video images for review. Insurance companies frequently prefer, and in some circumstances need, IP systems in large organizations with numerous locations.

IP cameras operate on an IP (Internet protocol) network, which is often the same as the rest of a company’s data network. A second network employing category 5 wiring can be deployed if bandwidth is an issue. In either case, video data is recorded on a server, which means that video data can be stored on-site or remotely.

Though storing such a large amount of data can be a challenge, IP CCTV systems frequently include software that controls how long and at what quality footage is stored. Video can be compressed over time to reduce storage space, for example.

Although many individuals use the term CCTV to describe both IP and analog cameras, the term should strictly be used to describe analog cameras.

An IP security camera can be trained to “watch” for suspicious activities using powerful new software known as video analytics. When the space around an air intake is disrupted, a camera on the intake, for example, can be set to display a warning and record footage.

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