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Security Systems is Leading CCTV - Home Security Systems installer, provide Fire Alarm, maintenance and door entry systems for home or business in Dublin.

At Precision Alarms we understand the need for total security in the form of the car security alarm system, and that is why we offer and provide high quality security solutions.

The type of car security alarm system that we offer is of the highest quality, for example, the Clifford car security system or the Viper car alarm.

We at Precision Alarms know that purchasing a vehicle that has a factory fitted car security alarm system may sound appealing to you but this would not deter the professional car thief in manner that a premium quality system such as the Clifford car security system would. Believe it or not most of them have mastered the manufactured security system, which means that your vehicle or any similar make of vehicle fitted with such a car security alarm system is vulnerable to being broken into in the way that vehicles fitted with precision alarms aren’t.

At Precision Alarms we can offer a range of systems, remote control, transponder or coded touch key operated alarms that will give an audible or visual warning. This means it will warn off any potential thief giving them less opportunity to remove your audio equipment or any other valuable goods you may have in your vehicle - which means the less time the thief has in your vehicle the less damage he can cause.

We believe that our technical expertise and 25 years experience with car alarms such as the Viper, Scorpion and Clifford car security system models enables us to offer our customers an outstanding security package for their vehicles. Please let one of the team at Precision advise you on the best security solution for your vehicle.

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